English 2 Bac

English 2 Bac

English 2 Baccalaureate objectives

The English 2 Bac program offers students a comprehensive and engaging journey toward language mastery. Filled with diverse activities, lessons, tasks, and exercises, it provides a springboard for students to refine their English communication skills.

Structure and Focus:

10 Thematic Units: The English 2 Bac program is meticulously divided into 10 distinct units, each centered around a specific theme. This ensures a well-rounded learning experience that covers a variety of topics.

Four Core Skills Development: Each unit prioritizes the balanced development of all four foundational language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will have ample opportunities to hone their abilities in each area.

Life Skills and Linguistic Enhancement: Beyond core language skills, the English 2 Bac program goes a step further. It incorporates activities designed to cultivate essential life skills, focusing on linguistic development. This equips students with the tools they need to thrive not only in their English studies but also in various aspects of life.

Independent Learning Skills: Recognizing the importance of fostering independent learning, the program integrates activities that empower students to become self-directed learners. This is especially crucial as they prepare for their Baccalaureate exams and transition to higher education.

Unit Structure of English 2 Bac program:

Each unit is meticulously crafted to provide a well-rounded learning experience. Here’s a breakdown of the typical components found within each unit:

Vocabulary Expansion: Activities designed to broaden students’ vocabulary and enhance their understanding of different word usage contexts.

Listening and Speaking Skills Enhancement: Exercises and tasks aimed at improving spoken English comprehension, fluency, and pronunciation.

Reading and Learning: Engaging activities that promote reading comprehension, critical thinking, and information-gathering skills.

Grammar in Focus: Dedicated sections to solidify grammar understanding and application through practical exercises.

Writing Practice: Opportunities to refine writing skills through various tasks, allowing students to express themselves effectively in written English.

Study Skills Development: Strategies and techniques to equip students with the tools they need to approach learning more effectively and independently.

Cultural Exploration: Activities designed to broaden students’ cultural awareness and understanding of the English-speaking world.

Combining these elements within each unit, the English 2 Bac program provides a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience. This program empowers students to not only excel in their English studies but also become confident and well-rounded learners prepared for future academic endeavors.

DownloadReadVocabulary 1
DownloadReadFunctions 1 : Expressing opinions, agreeing and disagreeing
DownloadReadGrammar 1 : Gerund or infinitive
DownloadReadComprehension 1 : A football legend
DownloadReadWriting 1 : Describing a person
DownloadReadLanguage Quiz 1
DownloadReadVocabulary 2
DownloadReadFunctions 2 : Expressing lack of understanding and asking for clarification
DownloadReadGrammar 2 : Modals
DownloadReadComprehension 2 : A talented humorist
DownloadReadWriting 2 : A funny story
DownloadReadLanguage Quiz 2
DownloadReadVocabulary 3
DownloadReadFunctions 3 : Expressing purpose
DownloadReadGrammar 3 : Past Perfect
DownloadReadComprehension 3 : A new beginning
DownloadReadWriting 3 : Report
DownloadReadLanguage Quiz 3
DownloadReadVocabulary 4
DownloadReadFunctions 4 : Expressing cause and effect
DownloadReadGrammar 4 : Future simple/perfect
DownloadReadComprehension 4 : Civil society in Morocco
DownloadReadWriting 4 : A formal letter
DownloadReadLanguage Quiz 4
DownloadReadVocabulary 5
DownloadReadFunctions 5 : Expressing addition and concession
DownloadReadGrammar 5 : Passive voice
DownloadReadComprehension 5 : The woman behind Harry Potter
DownloadReadWriting 5 : A book / film review
DownloadReadLanguage Quiz 5
DownloadReadVocabulary 6
DownloadReadFunctions 6 : Defining, apologizing and complaining
DownloadReadGrammar 6 : Phrasal verbs
DownloadReadComprehension 6 : A mixed marriage
DownloadReadWriting 6 : An informal letter
DownloadReadLanguage Quiz 6
DownloadReadVocabulary 7
DownloadReadFunctions 7 : Expressing advice
DownloadReadGrammar 7 : Reported speech
DownloadReadComprehension 7 : Active citizenship
DownloadReadWriting 7 : Causes, effects and solutions
DownloadReadLanguage Quiz 7
DownloadReadVocabulary 8
DownloadReadFunctions 8 : Responding to good news / bad news
DownloadReadGrammar 8 : Prefixes and suffixes
DownloadReadComprehension 8 : A boy and UNICEF
DownloadReadWriting 8 : A formal email
DownloadReadLanguage Quiz 8
DownloadReadVocabulary 9
DownloadReadFunctions 9: Expressing certainty / uncertainty
DownloadReadGrammar 9 : Conditional and wish
DownloadReadComprehension 9 : The mobile phone
DownloadReadWriting 9 : Advantages and disadvantages
DownloadReadLanguage Quiz 9
DownloadReadVocabulary 10
DownloadReadFunctions 10 : Expressing Regret
DownloadReadGrammar 10 : Relative Pronouns
DownloadReadComprehension 10 : Africa immigration
DownloadReadGrammar 10: Relative Pronouns
DownloadReadLanguage Quiz 10
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